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Traps don't work - how do you get squirrels out of the walls and ceiling?

For four years I have been battling the squirrels that come in to the roof %26amp; walls through the eaves. (This house was a foreclosure that sat for 4+ years before I moved in.)

Tried blocking them out, covering their entrance holes with drilled in boards %26amp; they rip them back open. A trap won't fit in the path where they are getting in.

When I used D-con for the mice, it seemed to attract them more as a food source for nearly a year, so I got a cat instead and he took care of them. But these squirrels will not leave.

Should I use something similar to D-con, smoke them out? Help! They are eating my house and driving us crazy! Don't want the potential for rabies, etc.

I'm not into animal cruelty, but it's me or them at this point. Time for war!Traps don't work - how do you get squirrels out of the walls and ceiling?
During the 4 years they have been there, they have built nests, maybe in the instalation, and have babies.

If you run off or kill the adults , the babies will die and smell. type in how to get rid of squirrels in atticTraps don't work - how do you get squirrels out of the walls and ceiling?
I have heard that if you go away to work and leave your stereo with speakers playing right at where they are at maximum volume with some music with a heavy beat they will not want to make their home there and will move. If you do that for a few days that particular family of squirrels won't come back. I haven't tried it, but I know someone that has.
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Is it legal in wisconsin to let squirrels die in traps on the roof of the house?

Our neighbor has a pest control company trapping squirrels on the roof of their house. Yesterday I witnessed him bring down the cage and empty the dead squirrel into a bucket in the back of his truck. There is a squirrel in the trap now and the police said it is legal to trap squirrels but they are being left to die for 2-3 days at a time. Isn't this an inhumane way to control the squirrel population? I know I saw something just like this on animal cops, what can I do, who can I contact? I contacted the humane society they directed me to the humane officer at the police station who was said to be ';looking into it'; I am so upset, I guess you cna say I am a squirrel lover! ThanksIs it legal in wisconsin to let squirrels die in traps on the roof of the house?
I live in minnesota, and as far as i know, in our 5 state area, squirrels are considered rodents and can be shot, trapped, killed in any manner...possible excluding poison. Squirrels eat away at eves on houses and can wreak havock on phone lines, ISP connections and any other wires and ';obsticals'; in thier paths. I undersatand why your neighbor would want to rid his yard of them. I also understand that letting them die for 2-3 days seems inhumane. the only ';humane'; way i could see in getting them away is using ';live'; traps and relocating them. Squirrels , however are over abudance and many times less is best. Im on then fence about this one;)Is it legal in wisconsin to let squirrels die in traps on the roof of the house?
would you prefer some one picking them off with a 22? your options are letting them die in traps, poisoning them, or picking them off one by one with a gun. since guns arent allowed to be fired within several hundred feet of houses in wisconsin, thats not an option. poison could be found by any number of things including household pets, so thats not an option. traps however can be made specificly for squrrels. so yeah, theres your answer
Join Peta and Im sure you will have thousands of people protesting your neighbor! Cmon the police have plenty of MORE IMPORTANT things to deal with than a guy trapping and killing off a few squirrels every now and then.
yea its legal,Im really into states this how i know this:)
yes its is you meany :[

How do you trap, and dispose of squirrels ?

We must have atleast 100 between are yard, driveway, street, and now in are house. Pesty rodents !

They are now burrowing holes through the walls, because they found a entrance through a crack in the basement window.

I was laying down watching t.v. in the living room last night, and I saw what appeared to be a shadow. I figured it was just a mouse, and would disappear before I turned the light on ... but no, it was a pesty grey squirrel looking at me.

To see a mouse in the house is no big deal, but a squirrel is another story. I called the cops, and they couldn't do anything.

Should I buy those huge rat traps, to kill them ?

If I bought a trap to cage it, i'm not sure where the appropriate place would be to release it.

Is there any poison that kills squirrels ?

( i'm so sick of them, i'd much rather have them die, than to trap and release them )How do you trap, and dispose of squirrels ?
They will not fall for the poison game, they will not fall for the trap game, either shoot them or... I had them in my loft for around 2 months, heard noise scratching etc ate all xmas decorations, insulation on electicity supply, damaged anything stored in loft!! thought it was mice blah blah.. did not know it was squirrels until i saw them going in one day up the drain pipe along facias in through a hole in the eaves. The secret is, they only come in when the weather is bad so you must find where they are coming in and seal it good! while they are out! Failing this, buy a air gun and stake 'em out!! you must shoot them as they run round your garden being cute! This is no time to be PC, soldier. Its them or you.

or call in pest controlHow do you trap, and dispose of squirrels ?
There's more than one way to skin a cat as i would say to people. Buy one of those big mouse traps. Call someone who is a Specialist in killing rodents. This one is for adults only. Buy a pistol or rifle and go outside and look for some then fire. You have the right to shoot anything on your yard that isnt anyones. But make sure no one can see you because they might think your a killer.
ok DJ just put some cages out with some corn in them then when they get caught in the go to a far by woods then release them ok.But if you want to you could go and kill them only if you're not in a town or city.But have fun.bye.
You should look at the commercial possibilities. Organise hunting trips with air-rifles and things for local sportsmen. Arrange to barbecue the kill for a few bucks extra.
Hey Hey...NO KIlling the Squirells.! Its better if u get seeds(no flavor) and then pour salt and pepper. after they taste they will be gone and it won't harm them.

Squirrel trapped in a Department Store `Christmas Cartoon`?

Anybody remember a cartoon from the 70's, or 80's about a Squirrel that gets trapped in a Department Store over Christmas?Squirrel trapped in a Department Store `Christmas Cartoon`?
no but there was a squirrel in my house once in my daughters room up stairs it was funny
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  • Squirrel Traps?

    I want to catch some squirrels in my back yard but I don't know how to make a trap. Does anyone here know how to make a really easy trap with shoelaces?

    And they are eastern grey squirrelsSquirrel Traps?
    Hav-a-hart makes live trapping cages. I've moved a lot of squirrels from my property to a huge park miles away.

    Please don't kill them.

    see havahart.comSquirrel Traps?
    Go to library or Google it on trapping. It sounds like you are trying to make a snare.

    Shoebox idea is boring to watch the box. The snare has been used by trappers for centuries and will kill the squirrel.

    Be sure to dismantle it when through. You don't want to hurt other animals. Snare don't care what it catches.

    Live traps can be bought at the hardware store.

    Mouse trap won't work, use a rat trap, it's bigger.

    Why you want to get a squirrel anyway? Is it doing damage?

    In some places trapping and shares are illegal.

    Or you could just climb the tree and act like a nut!!!
    get a shoe box and stare at the box when there is food or something they will eat and then when thay are under it pull the string releasing the stick holding the box up and hopefully you got a squirrel
    Well the simplest solution is to get a .8 Gauge shotgun which is one of the most powerful its military grade. Sit in a window and set out a bird feeder when one comes by BAM!
    Honestly, a regular mouse trap will do, I'm pretty sure.

    If you wanna take 'em alive, that's a whole different story.
    I hope not to kill........
    are you going to kill them. :(
    awh. thats mean :(

    How can i stop birds from going in my squirrel trap and taking my bait?

    i have a trap set outside to remove trouble some squirrels, its a hav a hart 1030, but recently ive been having a problem with birds going inside the trap and taking all the bait, is there anything i can put in front of the trap that will allow squirrels to enter but birds cant enter?How can i stop birds from going in my squirrel trap and taking my bait?
    A shotgun. Shotguns are also a good cure for the squirrel problem as well. Good luck.

    How do i make a homemade squirrel trap???

    go to hardware store.. get a section of heater pipe [the kind for a wood heater]make a bottom out of heavy screen top punch a hole[or drill] so nail can be place through one side of pipe into just want the pipe to hang on side of corn in bottom of pipe..squirrel goes down into pipe to get corn but cant get enough of angle to jump out of slick pipeHow do i make a homemade squirrel trap???
    vtmtnman my brother actually caught a squirrel in the snare today.....which he learned how to make in survival book, but it was cool seeing it work and my uncle bet him 100 dollars he wouldn't get it which he had to pay up

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    How do i make a homemade squirrel trap???
    What Richard said....That squirrel pole is in every survival manual I've ever read.Never tried it,but I can't see it not working.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
    mix rat poison in with some acorns and place under various trees in your neighborhood. you might want to warn your neighbors to keep their animals out of your front yard. i got sued because my neighbors dog died
    dress up like a nut or have your mother-in law go out and stand near a tree( or wife if the nut doesn t fall far from the tree )
    use what's called a ';squirrel pole';......

    nothing more than a log, leaned against the tree (one known to harbor squirrels), with numerous noose's on it. The more noose's on the pole, the better your chance of catching a squirrel